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Fighting–argh..not enough fighting!

Im sad that Fighting didnt have enough fighting in it!  Great cast..great story idea…but they spent too much of the movie on some of the romance side of things…and didnt build on the actual fighting..or his prep and training for the fights.
The fights themselves..were a bit too short too…but the scenes they had..were really great.  Thats what was sad….it was a bit like Redbelt a few years ago. Could have been really great..but the directors keep forgetting people go to movies about fighting to see fights.
Terrance Howard and Channing Tatum did great but for such a great cast..they were wasted a bit on not going deeper into the actual fight side of the story.
I’d keep expectations much lower than I did and be ready for a few slow parts until u get to the actual fights

Knowing–wow very good, I was surprised

So Knowing ended up being a great SciFi movie.  Everyone gives Nick cage such a hard time nowadays because he’s been taking some bad movie roles.  But im still a fan of the guy in general.  (although i refuse to see Bangkok Dangerous..jeez even the tital was sad)   BUT if you are a scifi fan…DEFINITELY go see Knowing.
Its got great twists..cool story..cool effects.  go in with low expectations and you will have a good time in it

Fast and Furious 4- worth seeing, but keep expecations low

Im actually a big fan of the Fast and Furious series..and Vin Diesel.  Ive liked all 3 of the past films..including Tokyo Drift that so many people didnt like.
So i had high bar for this FF..and i have to say it was entertaining to watch..just not the best out of the past 3.  So i do suggest you see it..just with low expectations.
There wasnt enough racing for me…and it didnt "feel" like the other fast and furious movies…..watch it and you’ll see what i mean.
Getting like the whole old cast back for this was awesome though..and i like how in the very beginning they connect this to Tokyo Drift..so its actually a prequel to that one..vs a 4th one…which is pretty cool angle

Monsters vs Aliens–Great 3D attached to a crap movie

I loved the 3D in Monsters vs Aliens…i saw it at the Imax..which was crazy clear and good. 
BUT…even some of the best 3D  couldnt save this movie.  It wasnt very funny..wasnt action packed enough..just leaves you shrugging your shoulders saying its ok…
Wow i dont know what i’d do if i had to see it without the 3D.    I would recommend people see this ONLY in 3D at the imax.  And other than that…dont waste your time.
If you are a fan of 3D and imax..its a movie worth seeing..but keep your expectations low on the actual quality of the movie.

Haunting in Connecticut–not worth it

Yet again..im disappointed by a not very scary not very well done scary movie.  I was hoping because this was based on a true story that this movie would have been better.   But in the end they added some cheesy parts to the story that never happened…and yet again failed to really be scary at all.
Yawn…skip this one