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Terminator Salvation- despite with others say..i liked it

I liked Terminator Salvation…cool action….great christian bale..and actually Sam Worthington was good in it..never seen him before but clearly will have good career.  I liked the fight scenes…
Although there was one scene where worthingtons character is standing out of the water..where you clearly see poor visual effects and editing around the chest …i notice those types of things.
I really hope they make another one…the action and overal story was great

Drag me to Hell–complete cheese..crap movie and crap acting

Wow there was so much wrong with Drag Me to Hell, i dont know where to begin.
First the acting was horrible..the cast had no chemistry (justin long needs to stick to commercials)..and the female lead was completely mis cast..she had the wrong look and th worst acting.  
On top of all this, Sam Raimi yet again made the movie full of cheese. He could of really made a scary movie with this one..but know..stupid cheese effects..and to make  you jump..used extremely loud sound effects rather than true scares.
Dont waste ur time

The Hangover–some really funny parts..mixed in with not so funny

The Hangover left me mixed…first the idea of the movie was hilarious..and i really loved the character of Zack Galifianakis  who played  Alan..the bearded rain man style guy.  But the sad part was the movie wasnt edgy enough..it could have been so much funnier..and they also didnt explain so many things that were "forgotten" from the night
So although i enjoyed it….i didnt think it was as funny as it could have been….most of the funniest parts were in the previews
But its actually worth seeing at the least to see Zack Galifianakis  play alan…really that made the movie

Taking of Pelham 123- left me wanting more

Im fans of Denzel and even Travolta now and then….so having them together i expected this movie to be better.  And honestly during most of the movie i did enjoy it.  My only problem was the ending..it really left you wanting more…or some kind of twist.  The story arc made you want to get more about denzel’s character at the end..or travolta’s..but it didnt deliver.
So it was ok..but not the best movie for either of them sadly..which is why it didnt do so well at the theater i think

Night at the Museum 2- same formula..works ok

This was an entertaining movie…if you saw number 1 you knew what to expect and at least it delivered on that.  Was funny and all around good momentum the whole movie.
Ive become more of a fan of ben stiller over the years and this is great comedy for him.  If you havent seen it..its worth a rental..and just enjoy a low brow simple comedy like the first one.