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Transformers 2: Go see it at the IMAX..wow

Ok..im a huge fan of Transformers anyways..so im sure im slightly biased..but i really liked Transformers 2 !  I saw it at the IMAX..and i have to say you have to see it at the IMAX  There were tons of scenese where the robots are life size and fighting at full scale. 
The movie itself was good..great action…i loved that this time Optimus prime had a good fight scene where he kicked some ass.
Something i also loved was that Soundwave was in it!  just a shame he didnt fight in it.
The only thing i didnt like about the movie?..the new character..the stupid latin roommate guy.  Argh..its like JA JA binks in star wars..completely unnecessary..and annoying.
I would like to see some more autobots in # 3…they still are skimpy in ranks
Go see it..many times.  Dont listen to the critics (as i usually say)..they dont know that most of us sometimes just enjoy great action, effects and having fun at a movie…and directors like Bay deserve more recognition for entertaining us than so many no name directors that win critical acclaim because they pan to the critcis and not the public