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Archive for August, 2009

Inglorious Basterds- epic Tarantino! lots of fun

Basterds is going to be one of those example tarantino films like reservoir dogs, kill bill etc. Really great movie, funny, quirky, overtly gory and graphic. Definitely worth seeing. The only odd thing I found was the casting of the kid who played the intern on the Office. Really little impact or effect in the movie. Nin

District 9- awesome, original, must see

I really liked District 9! It was a really unique story and really well done. You find urself really feeling for the aliens. The action and effects were good too, I’m hoping the sequel becomes a reailty! -Ninis

Ponyo- more kiddy than i was hoping from Miyazaki

I was excited to hear Miyazaki was coming out with something new, loved Spirited away and Howls moving castle, but Ponyo was a let down. It was way too kiddy then his others, totally a childs movie. Hope he does another with some action in it

The Goods wasnt good, skip it

Even though I’m a huge fan of Jeremy Piven, the Goods was just not funny enough, the cast was awesome, but completely under-used. there were only a few laughs, but so not worth it. Go see the hangover one more time instead!