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Where the Wild Things Are–Blah..dont believe the hype

Some things should have stayed 10 sentence childrens books.  Where the Wild Things are was all hype…and i truly believe the only reason people would like it or keep going to see it is because they feel they have to..because of the hype/marketing and peer pressure to think its so good.

Seriously YAWN, wasnt entertaining at all.  I dont know just something was off about it to me…but hey maybe im just not the target market for this movie…

So far though lots of people agree

I say skip it..wait for cable



Zombieland- hilarious good time!

Zombieland was hilarious! Haven’t had that much fun in a while at one of these parody type movies. It was great shoot em up action with hilarious lines. Woody Harrelson was great! And my favorite part—Bill Murray makes an awesome cameo! Go see this now!!

Law Abiding Citizen– Very cool..great suspense

I really liked Law Abiding Citizen– Jamie Foxx and Gerard Bulter did a fantastic job.  It was a mix between like Saw and Death Sentence …great action/revenge and suspense.  And you end up really flip flopping between rooting for Gerard Butler, and then rooting for Jamie Foxx

Definitely worth seeing


Paranormal Activity- AWESOME..great scares…and realistic

WOW Paranormal Activity was great!  First i love the fact that it was done with a tiny budget, with barely any effects.  It made the realism really come through.  Also the way it built up the suspense was perfect.  This was a great scary movie..good scares..without the stupid loud noises that make ur ears hurt to manufacture a reaction out of you. 

Plus i LOVED the way they marketed this movie and had people demand it vs just releasing it everywhere.



Invention of Lying- Waste of time..not funny enough

I had high hopes for the Invention of Lying.  Ricky Gervais is always so hyped up because of the office. But this movie was only funny like for the first half..but then they couldnt figure out if they wanted to continue being a comedy..or be a romantic drama etc.   It just kept going on and on..and the jokes got worse and worse.   This was a perfect example of a great original concept and horrible execution in the end.  They should have made it way more edgier to be funny.

Dont waste your time and money


Pandorum- awesome concept..great movie!

I really really liked Pandorum.  I love good sci fi movies..especially involving vampires or monsters.  The concept of this movie was great..im just sad they didnt promote it well enough to get a big crowd.  I also really like Ben Foster..he was in Alpha Dog, 3:10 to yuma, and lots of other movies and he’s really talented.  He’s got a main role in this and its well worth watching.  I highly recommend it if ur a sci-fi/monster fan…great action and thrills


Surrogates- if you liked Irobot- you’ll like this

Surrogates was pretty good.  I was a big fan of I-robot, and this movie was a lot like it.  Bruce willis always delivers a solid performance..and the concept was pretty cool.  Good action for sure….worth at least a rental

Cloudy with A chance of Meatballs- entertaining, great visuals

I liked Cloudy with Meatballs- decent graphics, fun story, and really made me hungry!  Definitely worth a rental or going to see it.  I recommend 3D if possible