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Ninja Assassin- awesome action and fight scenese..be ready for blood

Ninja Assassin was lots of fun!  Great fight scenes that were fast paced.  Pretty much what the trailers prepped you for.  If you are at all scared of blood, you shouldnt watch this movie! its very bloody.  I gotta say, one of the reasons i liked this movie was that its been so long since we had a good Ninja movie!  Its been since the late 80s back when there were lots of Ninja movies that came out.   So the fact that its a new movie brought by the Wachowski brothers..makes it great.

I highly recommend it if you’re a ninja or fight action movie fan.  Would be great if we see some sequels



Boondock Saints 2: Hillarious and good time

I had some friends that were able to see Boondock Saints 2 before i did, and they hated it.  So maybe my low expectations helped going in, but i really enjoyed it!  It was a lot like the first movie in the hokie acting, but had some really funny parts.  You have to go into this movie looking for a fun time and it really delivers.

And i hate to ruin it, but the cameo from Willem Dafoe was great! I was hoping he’d be in in somehow.

I highly recommend seeing this movie, regardless of what the critics say.  If we all remember, they didnt love the first one either!


Twilight New Moon- Not enough fighting but what i expected

Im a huge fan of vampire or werewolf movies, so i was actually looking forward to New Moon..the werewolves looked awesome and big!  The movie itself was what i expected…after the first one i knew that this movie would never be about the action but about the sappy romance stuff.  And of course nearly the first hour was slow because of this. 

But when the actual werewolf and vampire fighting started i liked it.  I do wish there was much more.

So i liked it only for the vamp/werewolf stuff…but dont think it was the end all great movie…i can see why so many hated it and the first twilight.

Hurt Locker- WOW glad i didnt miss this

I was so glad I found Hurt Locker playing at a theater still, and WOW all the buzz was right. Really loved this movie, definite oscar potential, unique story about bomb techs in iraq, with an odd storyline about the mental/family states of the guys. Lots of suspense type action, I really liked it and I highly reco seeing this, at a dollar theater or soon as its out on dvd

2012- fun, entertaining

Ya know, sometimes a good effects filled end of the world movie is just what you need! 2012 was good! Pretty much non stop action, some good laughs (thanks to woddy harrelson) and really cool visuals and effects. Don’t go see this looking for some critically acclaimed oscar film, but do go see it for fun adventure, action, and over the top effects. I really liked it. Fans of The Day after tomorrow and Independence day type movies will like it

A Christmas Carol in 3D- Really great..more for adults than kids

A Christmas Carol from Robert Zemeckis was really good! the graphics were incredible..I saw it in 3D and really enjoyed it.
I really really loved the visuals in it…but one thing i also loved was that the story was actually more adult then for the kids.  Some of the scenes were pretty dark/scary in terms of a childrens movie…i actually wondered if some parents were caught off guard.

I highly recommend this for anyone lookin to get in the christmas mood, but also that was a fan of the old movies/cartoons of a Christmas Carol…this is very entertaining..


The Men Who Stare at Goats- Just plain bad!

This was a boring, not funny, let down.  The trailer had so much promise..and it could have been such a funny movie with such a high power cast like Clooney, McGregor, Bridges, Kevin Spacey..etc.

But it wasnt funny..i barely had even one laugh the whole time…and it wasnt serious enough to be a drama…it was just plain bad.  I understand it was about trying to be ironic that it was nearly a true story but come on…what a waste of time

Dont go see it ..trust me