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The Road- kinda slow moving, wanted more

Im middle of the road with The Road..haha no pun intended.  Im a huge fan of Viggo Mortensen, and i liked There Will Be Blood..but this time around Cormack McCarthy’s story was a little slow for me…i enjoyed the movie..but i wanted some more.  I would have settled to just know what exactly happened to the world to be dead and dying…that would have been nice.  Also how they survived so many years (his son was born seemingly after it already happened).

I guess if you read the novel, you might be happy with the movie, i didnt..so can only judge it by the story and movie i saw.


Avatar- awesome epic movie! great action, great story

Avatar did not disappoint! It was an amazing movie..the visuals and effects were awesome..(you should see it in 3D if possible)..and the story was just great.

A friend of mind called it "a SciFi version of Dances with Wolves" which actually is a great way to describe it.  Im becoming a bigger and bigger fan of Sam Worthington, i cant wait for Clash of the Titans to come out.

One other great thing about Avatar, was that the soundtrack was great.  Some pieces were a lot like Titanic but really inspiring music.

Go see this now..and enjoy the nice long movie


Blind Side- Such a great movie, feel good…and all true!

I really really liked Blind Side.  Wow amazing true story..a real feel good movie that i think everyone should see.  And i gotta say..Sandra Bullock was great…its been a while (since Crash) that i’ve really seen one of her movies and one that she had such a great performance.

One of my favorite things to see in movies based on true stories..are photos of the real people involved…and that montage at the end with video and photos was perfect..and really made you realize what this woman and family did for just a random kid.

Go see it..you will be happy you did