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Legion- Sadly slow and disappointing level of action

I didnt expect an academy award winning movie when i went to see Legion..but i was expecting a lot of great action.

Sadly most the movie was slow or too cheesy..which really killed it for me.  The last 25 mins was the best..most action and best scenes.  They could have made this soo much better!  The cast was way too good for this kind of output…Paul Bettany..dennis quaid, and some of my fave supporting actors included.

All they had to do was avoid some of the overt cheese like with the grandma climbing the damn wall..and put in more regular action.

So sadly i have to say skip this one, watch it on cable



Book of Eli- really enjoyed it..great fight scenes..go Denzel

Denzel Washington is the man.  Thats an easy statement to make.  The Book of Eli was great.  Great fight scenes..really cool premise, and i really really liked the twists..especially at the end.  The only small part i didnt love was something they did with Mila Kunis’s role at the very end .

Mila Kunis and Gary Oldman were both good in it…and i was surprised to see Ray Stevenson..who i loved in Rome…he needs to get more of his own films and not just supporting roles..he’s awesome.

Go see it

Daybreakers- almost redeemed itself but the ending killed it

Ok i actually thought Daybreakers was going to be good.  I mean i love vampire action movies…mix in Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe, and you would think it would be good.  The movie had a little slow start but it grew on me.

BUT then the ending came..again had a great twist at the end..but then a cheesball appearance by dafoe, and a cheesy driving off into the sunset ending..just plain killed it for me.  argh the movie deserved better


Up in the Air- i enjoyed it but dont see it as best picture of year

Ok i dont get the crazy hype and buzz about Up in the Air being the best movie of the year etc.

Dont get me wrong..i liked the movie..especially because the travel lifestyle is something i live..i know what its like to have a goal of millions of miles and to always be upgraded and on the road.  And really liked George clooney as usual…even the whole corporate event scene was really great because its exactly like that for us business folks in real life ha!   But the movie to me was just sorta so so..had a few sorta laughs..a few sorta depressin moments…i enjoyed it..but i dont see it as the absolute year defining movie

So i’d recommend you see it..but keep expectations low and you’ll enjoy yourself better.


Sherlock Holmes- Entertaining

I liked sherlock holmes mostly because im a big fan of Robert Downey Jr. and Im a fan of Mark Strong..both are good in this…the movie is fun..entertaining…id say its a lot like movies like National Treasure.  Not the best most amazing movies you’ll go run out to buy when on DVD,..but you know what you are gonna get..some fun entertainment and action..and twists and turns.

So for a light fun movie..check it out.  But if you have to make a choice between it and Avatar..go for Avatar