I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

The Wolfman- made me miss American Werewolf in London- so much lost potential

Wolfman was a bit of a let down.  It had so much potential! The trailers were great!  BUT as soon as i saw how cheesy they made the Title screen…i knew i should be worried. (When you see it..you’ll know exactly what im talking about..WTF was the production team thinking kicking things off with a super cheesy Title screen?!!) 

I do think the werewolf transitions were done well..and actually was probably the coolest part of the movie…BUT the sad part was the effects on the creature itself werent so great.   Also..they should have made the movie a bit darker…it had a slight "Van Helsing" or "Drag me to Hell" cheese to it…for example..loud noises to try and make you jump unnecessarily..which i HATE

The cast had huge potential..Anthony Hopkins was amazing as always..and so was Benicio del toro and emily blunt…and Hugo Weaving..all great actors..but just not enough real action..not enough foreboding.

Its a worthwhile rental..but no need to run out and see it in theaters


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