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Hot Tub Time Machine- HILARIOUS! Raunchy..but funniest movie so far in 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine was awesome..even though it was raunchy at times..it was hilarious.  Do NOT listen to lots of the critics who are panning this..they never understand why movies like Old School, Superbad etc. are so funny.   John Cusak was such a good choice for this movie…we’ve never seen him do this kind of over the top comedy..and it was great!

The music was one of hte good parts of the movie too, great 80s songs mixed in..plus a  great band scene with Darryl from the office.

Go see this today!



How to Train Your Dragon- fun and AMAZING graphics

Of course graphics for animated films and 3D just keep getting better…but WOW How to Train Your Dragon had amazing visuals!  I saw it in 3D which was great..but really it was the animation detail that was awesome.  A few of the flight scenes that included water were just amazing.  If you are a graphics geek go see this

Besides that the movie was also really good..entertaining, a few laughs..and fun.  Definitely worth seeing now..that the crowd of kids from the first week are probably done.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid- not as funny as i hoped

The trailers and concept for Diary of  Wimpy kid were great…sadly..the movie was just not funny enough.  Maybe its a bit too focused for laughs for little kids for me to like it.  There were a couple of laughs in it..but it just didnt really go for it.   Whoever edited it also screwed up big time

In the trailer..there was a scene where the mom yells goodbye to the kid as he’s walking into school…that was not in the movie!  What kind of decisions was that? it was one of the funnier scenes from the trailer and never made it to the movie..so that makes me wonder how much else they cut

Skip it ..wait for TV or netflix


Alice in Wonderland- visualy entertaining in 3D, fun quirky movie

Alice in Wonderland was entertaining..it was quirky..visually creative …what you’d expect when Tim Burton is "on" his game.  I felt like it was a cross visually between Avatar and Lord of the Rings..  If you’re in the mood for a little fantasy ..lighter fare…and some unique visuals….you’ll enjoy this.


Brooklyn’s Finest..not bad- good action, for cop movie lovers

If you’re a fan of good ol dirty cop movies like Departed or Training day…you’ll like Brooklyn’s finest.  Seems like Ethan Hawke loves playin cop roles!

The cast was pretty packed..Don Cheadle (always amazing), Ethan Hawke, Richard Gere, and even Wesley Snipes came out of the woodwork.

I have to say Richard Gere’s performance was amazing…he really kept the momentum and movie going to me..more so than the rest.

I dont know why the critics had such an issue with this movie..so there was a lot of shooting, so what!   I do wish they used Wesley Snipes a bit more..i want him to have a comeback like so many others these days ..but wow why did they put him in corn rows?!

worth seeing!


Cop Out- Bad chemistry between Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis, and few laughs

The trailers for Cop Out actually had me hoping for a funny movie.  Tracy Morgan’s career has really started comin back ..and i love him in 30 Rock.   But I was disappointed with it.  There were SO MANY awkward moments in the movie where you can clearly see the chemistry between Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan wasnt there….sometimes it was emphasized because it felt like they didnt let Tracy loose.. dont get me wrong..there were at least a few solid laughs…but he could have gone much farther.  I would have expected more from Kevin Smith working with such great actors….wonder what happened.

I’d say wait for it to come out on DVD or on Netflix..no rush to go see this.