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Whip It- Really enjoyed this

Whip It didnt make much of a splash at the box office..and at least from what i saw ..some critics really panned drew barrymore’s directing.  But it was also playing on the movie system on my flight to China this week so i figured i’d give it a shot.

But i have to say..for a coming of age/girl power flick…it was actually really fun to watch.  Some great music was used in the soundtrack, and some great acting by  Ellen Page…perfect role for her..like Juno



Bad Lieutenant Port of Call New Orleans: Wow i underestimated this movie

Sometimes..just a horrible title can really hurt a movie.  My theory on Bad Lieutenant was that it was going to bomb (and did technically die at the box office) because honestly it was a ridiculous title

But then i heard some people say it was good..so i watched it the other day on my flight to china…WOW it was really good.

I feel bad for Nic Cage..the production company for this film did a crappy job of the trailer and marketing for it…it was really good!  Kinda crazy in a way..but Cage does a great job as the drug addicted cop that is borderline bad.   And of all things.>Val Kilmer is in it too! haha

If ur up for a little cop drama..and some good Nic Cage substance addiction acting (which he’s always good at.like in leaving las vegas)..go rent this now and enjoy


Clash of the Titans- Good, but moved too fast..not enogh Kraken

I liked Clash of the Titans–because it was fun..cool effects..and ok Action.  Also loved Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson…BUT  the movie felt like it moved too fast…key characters died off too fast…there wasnt much build up of story of like how Perseus just automatically was good at fighting etc.

And like the coolest thing from the trailer..the Kraken..was barely in the movie…it was a little annoying..they could have extended that to a more substantial piece of the movie.

Im looking forward to 2 more movies they’ve apparently agreed to do…the fighting and effects were cool and i want to see more.

I like Sam worthington..critics pan his work..but i liked him in Terminator, in Avatar, and here i think he plays a good pissed off guy, sometimes its not about showing 15 levels of emotion..sometimes its just about being a normal really pissed off guy that doesnt have to overplay his role.