I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

Bad Lieutenant Port of Call New Orleans: Wow i underestimated this movie

Sometimes..just a horrible title can really hurt a movie.  My theory on Bad Lieutenant was that it was going to bomb (and did technically die at the box office) because honestly it was a ridiculous title

But then i heard some people say it was good..so i watched it the other day on my flight to china…WOW it was really good.

I feel bad for Nic Cage..the production company for this film did a crappy job of the trailer and marketing for it…it was really good!  Kinda crazy in a way..but Cage does a great job as the drug addicted cop that is borderline bad.   And of all things.>Val Kilmer is in it too! haha

If ur up for a little cop drama..and some good Nic Cage substance addiction acting (which he’s always good at.like in leaving las vegas)..go rent this now and enjoy


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