I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

Kick Ass- Wow walkin in thinkin young comedy- out thinkin Tarantino-esque action!

I really liked Kick Ass …it was surprisingly morbid, dark, funny..and really good.  I think the trailers..and the cast made me assume i’d be seein a kids kinda comedy…and i hope not too many parents took kids to see this!  It was definitely a hard R…flat out in your face violence and bloody scenes..i seriously felt like i was watching something from Tarantino at times…and it was GREAT!!

I have to point out..the COOLEST thing was that the soundtrack was AMAZING.  Im a big fan of good music and scores put to movie scenes..the use of "Surface of the Sun" throughout the movie during dramatic scenes was awesome–Go John Murphy! awesome composer

Go see this now..!


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