I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

IronMan 2- Great as expected, awesome action

IronMan 2 was great!  And NO– dont listen to the critics.  So what if its not as great as the first one..of course i wouldnt expect it to be like any sequel..but it was still really really good. 

The action was really good..i loved the addition of more bad guys..and Mickey Rourke was great in his role!  Im glad he’s revived his acting career.

I have to say ..Don Cheadle was great as he always is..but i still feel bad for Terrance Howard…he should have stayed in the role.

Sam Rockwell was the only part of the movie that i really didnt like..either he badly played the role..or it was written badly..or both.  I really respect him as an actor..was great in Moon ..but it seemed like he tried to hard to make Justin Hammer quirky and funny like Tony Stark..and just came off not as cool/hip or funny.   Sometimes it was just slightly awkward..its like watching someone who’s not naturally funny.try to be "that guy" thats really funny

Anyways..I loved it…and am lookin forward to num 3 and the Avengers.

BTW make sure to stay after the credits !


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