I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

Nightmare on Elm Street- not scary anymore, not as good as orig

Its too bad that the new Nightmare on Elm Street wasnt good…i really like that they tried to remake it..and really liked Jackie Earle Heely as freddy…BUT  it simply was NOT scary.  I remember these movies from back in the day scaring the crap out of my and my brother and sister…Freddy was the reason so many of us were scared of the dark.

So maybe i had high hopes for this movie..or maybe its meant for people that never saw the original…frankly this version was really just a bunch of jumps and some slashing/killing..but i didnt find any of it scary at all.

They also wasted Connie Briton in the cast..she’s great in Friday night Lights…

Dont waste your time seeing this one..not worth it


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