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A-Team- finally saw it and LOVED it

A-Team was awesome..so funny..and great action.  I gotta say the cast was perfect…even Rampage as Mr. T..he’s got some acting chops, which anyone would expect if you watched him on the Ultimate Fighter..he’s pretty funny.   Liked everything about this movie…it had great laughs..and some very cool action scenes.  It also was over the top without coming off as cheesy.  There were almost no slow parts.  Liam Neeson is always great..Brad Cooper was good too..but Sharlto Copely was a standout.. hilarious as the crazy guy (murdock)

I recommend you go see this now before it leaves theaters and be ready to buy or rent it on DVD



Grown Ups- argh..had SO much potential..but odd scenes, bad editing killed it

Grown Ups looked SO funny from the trailers…i thought it would be great..with that kind of cast.  But wow..i was disappointed. ANYONE that sees this movie will agree.  First of all..half of the jokes werent funny at all..but instead of moving past those jokes..the director would literally make you watch the reaction and laughs of other characters.  So imaging a theater full of people not laughing cuz its not funny..but the people on screen laughing at themselves.  It was AWKWARD.  There were also some VERY unnecesary scenes..the whole movie could have been cut down by at least a full 30 mins.  Everytime you think the movie was over…it took a slow crawl and all of a sudden something more would happen.

It ends up being way too long, not very funny..and really awkward.   I think these days you gotta keep comedy on a bit of an edge..and they didnt get it right.  There were a few solid laughs..but all the extra scenes and length of inaction killed this movie for me


Splice- weird, odd, but unique idea and not bad at all

Splice was a quiet release, and I almost missed it before it left theaters..but im glad i saw it.  I love sci fi movies..so a human/animal genetics movie with Adrian Brody sounded good.  I gotta say ..the movie keeps you interested the whole way..are rarely any slow points..but let me warn you it does get pretty wierd and twisted in there.   It was good..but def not a fell good family fun movie..it gets a bit wierd when u are watching a part human animal..its stuff thats eerily possible these days..and the movie makes you really wonder about this stuff and what could happen.

If thats your cup of tea..you’ll like this movie..good action too


Karate Kid- Gotta say it was good! Jaden Smith is a mini Will Smith

Karate Kid was good..yes..the remake..yes…i know its not even about karate.  But i gotta say..i went in not thinking i would like this.  But wow..it was good.  First of all..Jaden Smith has some real acting chops..he’s very natural…and its pretty much like watching a mini Will Smith..his facial expressions..all like his dad.

Jacki Chan was good as usual..but in this role it was nice that he was more serious..not that comedy role he always plays.  

My only complaint is that it was a pretty slow start…but i definitely hope you go see it..and hope they make some sequels


Get Him To The Greek- funny–and made me actually like Russel Brand

Get Him To The Greek was pretty funny!  I had quite a few laugh out loud moments…and i gotta say ..its the first movie to make me actually like Russel Brand.  I gotta admit i couldnt stand him for a while..but he’s got some great acting/comedy/singing chops.

The movie was great on lots of levels..one..i loved that it tied to the same characters in Forgetting Sarah Marshal, another– Pdiddy..he was actually pretty funny in this…im surprised he’s not in more movies…but he did alright.

I think this is definitely something you should see for a good laugh go check it out


Prince of Persia- Kept my attention but still fell a little flat

I really wanted to like Prince of Persia more than i did.  It was decent in terms of keeping my attention..i liked some of the action, and the time stopping stuff. 
BUT they really should have made it just a slight bit darker–with harder hitting fight scenes…and some of the moves/flips/jumps that Jake Gylennhal’s character does are just plain over the top..too much like the video game.  It reminded me too much of the cheesy fight scenes in the Mummy…think Brendan Frazer jumping and balancing on poles etc.

I guess if you are going for a safe, family fun action movie..sure this is a safe bet.  But i dont think its got enough steam to be a franchise unless it loses a few bits of the cheese factor…because if it was just a tad more serious it could really be good!

If you go see it, lower expectations…and you’ll enjoy it a bit.


Shrek Forever After- More of the same- good graphics, a few minor laughs..not horrible

You get what you expected with Shrek 4- Shrek Forever after.  Essentially just like all the other movies, great graphics…a few minor laughs, and if you are a fan of the series, you’ll probably enjoy it.  Unlike the first Shrek that was such an amazing feat graphically..and really really funny…its not going to blow your mind.

But if you go in with expectations of the usual Shrek type experience of the sequels etc..you’ll be ok.   Honestly though, i suggest just waiting for DVD on this one, dont pay full theater price if you can avoid it.