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Prince of Persia- Kept my attention but still fell a little flat

I really wanted to like Prince of Persia more than i did.  It was decent in terms of keeping my attention..i liked some of the action, and the time stopping stuff. 
BUT they really should have made it just a slight bit darker–with harder hitting fight scenes…and some of the moves/flips/jumps that Jake Gylennhal’s character does are just plain over the top..too much like the video game.  It reminded me too much of the cheesy fight scenes in the Mummy…think Brendan Frazer jumping and balancing on poles etc.

I guess if you are going for a safe, family fun action movie..sure this is a safe bet.  But i dont think its got enough steam to be a franchise unless it loses a few bits of the cheese factor…because if it was just a tad more serious it could really be good!

If you go see it, lower expectations…and you’ll enjoy it a bit.



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