I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

Grown Ups- argh..had SO much potential..but odd scenes, bad editing killed it

Grown Ups looked SO funny from the trailers…i thought it would be great..with that kind of cast.  But wow..i was disappointed. ANYONE that sees this movie will agree.  First of all..half of the jokes werent funny at all..but instead of moving past those jokes..the director would literally make you watch the reaction and laughs of other characters.  So imaging a theater full of people not laughing cuz its not funny..but the people on screen laughing at themselves.  It was AWKWARD.  There were also some VERY unnecesary scenes..the whole movie could have been cut down by at least a full 30 mins.  Everytime you think the movie was over…it took a slow crawl and all of a sudden something more would happen.

It ends up being way too long, not very funny..and really awkward.   I think these days you gotta keep comedy on a bit of an edge..and they didnt get it right.  There were a few solid laughs..but all the extra scenes and length of inaction killed this movie for me



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