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Last Airbender- Wow i cant believe how bad it was!

I REALLY REALLY wanted M Night Shyamalan to finally get a break from all the critics that kill his movies.  And i thought Avatar Last Airbender was going to be it.  I mean..i watched the cartoon series after i saw the amazing movie trailer for it…and loved the series.  Plus..i really wanted to like this because my friends at Paramount are marketing it.

BUT WOW- this movie was plain bad.  Those of you that know me and my reviews..know that i rarely have to say that.

I dont even know where to begin.

1. Incorrect Music/Bad Score and lack of proper sound effects- the soundtrack to the movie was completely and utterly wrong!  There was no emphasis to any of the emotional scenes or any of the fighting.  It made the acting seem completely cheesy and corny (will get to that part).  There were scenes that had random generic light hearted fantasy music..when it was supposed to be a fight/war scene!  It was ridiculous .  Also the sound effects during fights etc..were so lightly used it was like kids fighting.

2. Narration/Fast forward of the story- This was extremely annoying for me as a fan of the original series, and im sure very confusing and odd for those not familiar with it.  Instead of taking time to explain the relationships and what was going on..he used one of the characters as a narrator to fast forward through things and just flat out explain stuff rather than show it.  There were so many things totally skipped over and not explained it made no sense half the time.

3. Acting- wow, nearly all the acting (including Dev Patel who was so amazing in Slumdog) comes across as extremely cheesy and corny…I attribute a big part  of this to the bad score of each scene which really makes a difference..because im sure all of them are capable actors.  The kid they have playing Avatar looks like he’s gonna cry half the time.  Argh..i just dont understand how Shyamalan, and the producers didnt see how bad it was before they released it..they could have changed and fixed so much of this

4. G rated fight scenes/bad costumes- My friends and i couldnt help but noticed the low quality production value of the sets and costumes. The fire nation warriors seemed like they were wearing cheap walmart costumes…i think part of this was a lighting issue, part just not taking the time to make them look and "feel" like the mean force they were supposed to be in the movie.  Plus the fight scenes completely lacked any real punch!!  every fight was dulled..every punch weak.  When powers were used there was no sound effect that made it feel strong..the scenes were slow and weak.  The powers are supposed to me much more powerful than were shown.  AND in the cartoon it didnt take like a ton of random movements to get one bit of power showing…half the time in the movie they are overdoing the kungfu movements weakening the image of the element bending

Im SO disappointed to have to write all this…im so annoyed that Shyamalan not only got a bad wrap (unnecessarily ) in the past but now just let every critic and person who doubted him have a reason to feel they were right to question his talent. I feel bad for my paramount friends that are having to market this movie

I have to say..Dont see it..u will thank me



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