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Twilight Eclipse- Great fight/action and good for fans

In general i tend to like supernatural movies..especially vampire/werewolf movies.  Twilight has always been an odd series for me because it has so much of the romance in it..but I have to admit i liked Eclipse (and i generally liked the previous ones).  The movies seem to really be picking up on more action to even out some of the romantic cheese.

To me this movie stood out for a few reasons.  1. A lot more vampire fighting and power use  2. More werewolf action and fighting  3. Some actual dialogue from characters other than Edward and Bella!  Go Figure!

It feels like the first time in the whole series that we actually get even a handful of dialogue from the other vampire characters!  There was some decent flashback/background story on each which i liked

Anyway..if you’re a fan of the series you will love this of course…but if you are someone who may think they are too cheesy…id say you might like Eclipse because of the focus on a fight/battle.



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