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Predators–AWESOME..revives the franchise the right way!

Ok ..seriously…Predators was GOOOD!  Im one of those that grew up loving the original Predators movies.  I had high expectations for Nimrod Antal and Robert Rodriguez’s reboot.  It totally lived up to it.

First of all..the cast was amazing..lots of great talent.  I was really impressed with Adrian Brody..not only did he pull of the tough guy act..but really buffed up to play the part.  The action was also really great….fight and chase scenes rocked.  My favorite was the yakuza sword fight with the predator..really an amazing scene.

One of the best parts about the movie..the stayed so true to the original…same music and drum beats…and even the closing credits song.  Those kinds of things really make me happy when it comes to honoring an original version.

Go see this now..go see it twice!



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