I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

Dinner for Schmucks- if you like dumb funny and Carrell movies not so bad

Dinner for Schmucks was very odd..and ill be honest there were a few good funny parts…but i wasnt in love with it. Its is absolutely meant for those people that love "dumb" funny.  Also if you are big fan of Steve Carrell.   For me his movies are hit or miss lately.  But hey the people in the theater were laughing lots..i dont know maybe i dont respond super well to dumb humor as much as others..my friends liked it enough.  I enjoyed watching it but wouldnt see it again.

So i have to go middle of the road on this one..if you are  Steve carrel..dumb humor person..you will like it..go see it.  Otherwise wait for rental



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