I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

The Expendables: Good Action but bad movie

I was looking forward to the Expendables…all those action heroes ..tons of potential.  And i have to say from an action point it was great! the fight scenes were good..although a bit roughly shot..when the action did happen it was good.

My problem was the rest of the movie, Bruce Willis and Arnold had barely any role at all (feel like i was ripped off there), the musical score was bad! even during some of the fight scenes..just some cheesy repetitive music that didnt fit will. I found myself losing focus on the fighting and thinking about the music (thats a tell tale sign of the wrong music).  

A lot of the plot was cheese (now thats different than acceptable cheese in an over the top action movie like this)..and i think they completely mis-cast the latin woman.  Most of her scenes and incorporation in the story didnt make any sense and were really cheesy..expecially the odd closeup of her at the end with CGI water clearly behind her.

Jason Statham was great in it! They should have used Charisma Carpenter more, and im glad Terry Crews finally got to be in a regular action movie without being killed off or something  (im pretty sure he was just a dead body in Terminator Salvation). 

One clearly odd thing they did was try to explain Randy Coture’s cauliflower ears…they had him do some wierd dialogue about wrestling etc.  Its so random..people woudnt have cared if they left it out.

So im glad i saw it to see some action..but sad that it wasnt very good all together..


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