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The Town- so so movie..too many slow parts interfere with the action

I have to say The Town was only just ok to me.  It was like a mix of The departed and Heat..but too much of the slow parts of each showed up! (thanks to my buddy Blake for that analogy!)  There was great action …BUT there was way too much down time between the action that to me made me sleepy and bored.  then all of a sudden after 30 mins of quiet..you’d get 30 mins of solid gunfire.    So thats why im so middle ground here.  It could have been about 20 mins shorter to bring the action closer together.

I do have to say i liked Ben Affleck in this…he also got pumped for this movie!  He’s definitely on a come back path…just wish this was more of a solid action film vs trying to over play the dramatic side.

The ending was one of my favorite parts..very cool action and nice ending

Its worth seeing once or renting but keep expectations low and you may enjoy it more


Devil- Ok Shyamalan may be back! this was GOOD

Ok, i was a long term fan of M Night Shymalan..but like most.. felt seriously disappointed at his recent flops..and especially sad about how horrible the Last Airbender was.

BUT –to all of you that like me may have felt he lost it , and to all the people that now laugh at him (when the trailer for Devil played in the theater .i remember the crowd laughing)…GO SEE DEVIL.

I really really liked this movie. It had some good thrills..good twists..and really no slow parts.   You have fun the whole movie trying to guess which person the Devil is…and then there is a good twist. It feels like its the M Night of old..maybe he has his groove back!

I highly recommend this movie..its not super scary but more highly entertaining and full of thrills. 

Its the first of his Night chronicles series..and i hope the rest are this good!


Resident Eveil Afterlife 3D- Great action- surprisingly good for a 4th installment!

Ya know…it always surprises me when not only a sequel..but a 4th installment of any movie is even barely good…so i was REALLY happy that Resident Evil Afterlife was so good!  For fans of the franchise you wont be disappointed..awesome action and great fight scenes…but even for those newbies to the whole series, i think you’d like this.  Does a courtesy intro to the plot in the beginning and then you are off…

the effects were great! the 3D was really well done …the whole movie keeps you paying attention.   Its one of those movies you go to just to enjoy some great zombie killing action haha.

I only had two minor issues with the movie..first…they had this giant zombie with a giant axe…but never explained what it was..or why it was there.  and 2nd..not to spoil it for those of you that havent seen it..but they apparently take away her powers in the beginning..and for no real reason!  Its one of the coolest things about her character and the movie..i was hoping she’d get them back at some point.

Other than that i was glad to see Wentworth Miller back on the screen…sad that Prison Break ended with him not doing many projects after.   And of course Milla Jovavich is great in this..its her long time role…  

If you like these movies..and want some good ol action and zombie thrills..you should go see this and i highly recommend it in 3D


Machete- awesome funny bloody= Go Danny Trejo!

FINALLY- Danny Trejo gets his own movie!  Ive been a fan of his for so long..he’s always been a supporting character playing a gangster mexican in movies like Con Air, Heat, and like a bunch of Steven Segal movies.  And he always gets killed fast!  

This movie was awesome–exactly what it promised over the top cheesy but very funny violence and laughs.   Robert Rodriguez knows how to make people laugh at a movie alongside the cast and how to really throw in some fun bloody action scenes.   I also love that Steven Seagal and Robert DeNiro were in this. 

The only problem i had with them movie was Lindsay lohan…not sure why they even gave her the role..but wow she CANNOT act!  not even a bit..all she had was maybe 3 lines the whole movie and it was sad how badly she delivered them..not even funny bad like the theme of the movie.  

Go see this movie if you were a fan of the Grindhouse films by Tarantino…or if you are in the mood for some laughs and violence..its a great movie