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Devil- Ok Shyamalan may be back! this was GOOD

Ok, i was a long term fan of M Night Shymalan..but like most.. felt seriously disappointed at his recent flops..and especially sad about how horrible the Last Airbender was.

BUT –to all of you that like me may have felt he lost it , and to all the people that now laugh at him (when the trailer for Devil played in the theater .i remember the crowd laughing)…GO SEE DEVIL.

I really really liked this movie. It had some good thrills..good twists..and really no slow parts.   You have fun the whole movie trying to guess which person the Devil is…and then there is a good twist. It feels like its the M Night of old..maybe he has his groove back!

I highly recommend this movie..its not super scary but more highly entertaining and full of thrills. 

Its the first of his Night chronicles series..and i hope the rest are this good!



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