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Paranormal Activity 2- Dont waste your time, not nearly good as #1


I was disappointed by Paranormal 2.  #1 was so great and a unique concept etc..but of course you cant replicate that.

I thought maybe because they threw in a dog and a baby this time that it might be good and scary.  Even though there are some scary parts to it..the problem is that we have seen it all before..the scary happenings are too similar to what we saw in #1 so it doesnt have the same effect.

Also its a fairly sad attempt at being a prequel and they spend no time in connecting the story to that of Paranormal 1…its kind of like an afterthought towards the end of the movie. There are plenty of elements like the characters from 1 showing up in this movie..but the explanation of the haunting between the two is lost.

The other thing i really really really (did I say really?) get annoyed at..is that in these movies that are supposed to be “real” footage..of real people..how come the people dont check the video cameras from all over their house immediately and all the time?  It would add a level of believability that the Director keeps missing.


Anyway- skip this sequel…go see Hereafter instead




Hereafter- Slow but still not bad

Hereafter was a long slow movie, and usually movies like that arent that good.  But i did like it.  I do really wish it was a little more packed with the supernatural powers stuff…and wish it was longer– mostly because it was about halfway through the movie that it really began to pick up.

But it was clearly an Eastwood style movie..clint likes to cook “low and slow” lol.  One of the only things that i really didnt like about it..was the musical score.  There was an entire portion of the movie where this awful french music was playing in the background and didnt fit at all.

If you are an Eastwood fan..go see this.



R.E.D.- Hilarious! John Malkovich is the star!

Go see R.E.D!  It was so much fun to watch.  Great cast (you cant beat Freeman, Willis, Malkovich..and Marie louise parker!)..plus Karl Urban is in it..and im a big fan of him (star trek, chronicles of riddick).  Great action..and lots of funny moments.  Bruce Willis as we like him..a bad ass.

But i must say the best part of the movie is John Malkovich..wow he completely steals the movie as the kinda crazy guy..just his facial expressions alone that many times occur in the background will make you crack up! He was completely the right person for that part

The only thing i found odd was that Julian McMahan from Nip/Tuck was in it..and barely at the end.  Poor guy cant get a good movie role.

Go see it and enjoy!

Let Me In- Awesome unique vampire movie!

Go See Let Me In! Wow- it was a really unique movie- the whole vampire topic but with the twist of a child’s perspective

It was dark and really draws you in. And let me just say I’m so impressed at Chloe Moretz! She is an amazing actress and not just for her age! If you saw her in Kick Ass- you will like seeing this more dramatic scary side of her.

Probably the most interesting part of this movie was how you kept wanting to look at Chloes character as just a little girl- not as the evil vampire

The movie had just enough vampire power/action stuff too.

Highly recommend you go see this!


Social Network “The Facebook” movie- GREAT ! entertaining- funny- shocking

I LOVED the Social Network aka “The Facebook Movie”.  It was amazing to watch…great drama..great story..gives you an insight into Mark Zuckerburg even if only a portion of what we saw is fully true..its still eye opening . ..not only some of the true history of Facebook that everyone uses..but really how much of a really dorky kid he was when he started it.

Jesse Eisenberg was great in the lead..and i have to say Timberlake was good too.   But i wasnt that big a fan of Andrew Garfield..he just didnt seem the right fit here…and im already worried that he is the wrong choice to be the new spiderman.

But anyway..i am amazed at the talend of Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher on this movie and script.   It kept you interested every single minute!  On top of all that…it was actually inspiring!  I walked away wanting to get back to some of my own biz and startup ideas!

Go See this NOW!


Wall Street 2- Very disappointing- horrible soundtrack, not enough mean or money!

I was let down by Wall Street 2.  I was  a big fan of the original, im a big fan of Michale Douglas and Shia LaBouf, but was sad that the movie was so boring.  It felt long..was too slow..and at times a bit to hard to follow – felt like i needed to be an investment banker at times.

Besides that it was missing the “oomph” of the money part of it.

I’ll be honest though..the BIGGEST problem that kept annoying me was the HORRIBLE soundtrack.  Some horrible campy folk type band music was playing throughout the movie..almost the same song or maybe diff songs that sounded exactly alike..with the musicians annoying voice and odd beats overlayed LOUDLY over the scenes.  IT RUINED THE MOVIE!  the music didnt feel like new york AT ALL, nor did it feel serious or exciting or anything other type of emotion that you wanted to feel during the movie.  It just felt odd and off and interrupted the experience.

SPOILER:  one thing i loved initially was that Bud Fox (yes Charlie Sheen ) from the original made a cameo appearance! was glad they did that..but the problem then became his appearance was odd and didnt fit Bud Fox.   Last we saw Bud he was trying to right some of the wrongs etc…and he shows up with 2 women on his arm and acts like a playboy in the cameo..made no sense at all.  Seemed like a diff character all together.

Make this a rental..and dont see it on a slow night or a day you feel tired..it wont wake u up.