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Wall Street 2- Very disappointing- horrible soundtrack, not enough mean or money!

I was let down by Wall Street 2.  I was  a big fan of the original, im a big fan of Michale Douglas and Shia LaBouf, but was sad that the movie was so boring.  It felt long..was too slow..and at times a bit to hard to follow – felt like i needed to be an investment banker at times.

Besides that it was missing the “oomph” of the money part of it.

I’ll be honest though..the BIGGEST problem that kept annoying me was the HORRIBLE soundtrack.  Some horrible campy folk type band music was playing throughout the movie..almost the same song or maybe diff songs that sounded exactly alike..with the musicians annoying voice and odd beats overlayed LOUDLY over the scenes.  IT RUINED THE MOVIE!  the music didnt feel like new york AT ALL, nor did it feel serious or exciting or anything other type of emotion that you wanted to feel during the movie.  It just felt odd and off and interrupted the experience.

SPOILER:  one thing i loved initially was that Bud Fox (yes Charlie Sheen ) from the original made a cameo appearance! was glad they did that..but the problem then became his appearance was odd and didnt fit Bud Fox.   Last we saw Bud he was trying to right some of the wrongs etc…and he shows up with 2 women on his arm and acts like a playboy in the cameo..made no sense at all.  Seemed like a diff character all together.

Make this a rental..and dont see it on a slow night or a day you feel tired..it wont wake u up.

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