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Paranormal Activity 2- Dont waste your time, not nearly good as #1


I was disappointed by Paranormal 2.  #1 was so great and a unique concept etc..but of course you cant replicate that.

I thought maybe because they threw in a dog and a baby this time that it might be good and scary.  Even though there are some scary parts to it..the problem is that we have seen it all before..the scary happenings are too similar to what we saw in #1 so it doesnt have the same effect.

Also its a fairly sad attempt at being a prequel and they spend no time in connecting the story to that of Paranormal 1…its kind of like an afterthought towards the end of the movie. There are plenty of elements like the characters from 1 showing up in this movie..but the explanation of the haunting between the two is lost.

The other thing i really really really (did I say really?) get annoyed at..is that in these movies that are supposed to be “real” footage..of real people..how come the people dont check the video cameras from all over their house immediately and all the time?  It would add a level of believability that the Director keeps missing.


Anyway- skip this sequel…go see Hereafter instead



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