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Unstoppable- great action packed movie! Denzel and Pine great duo

Unstoppable was great..as usual Denzel delivers!  I have to say he and Chris Pine made a great on screen duo too.  The movie didnt disappoint..great set up and really good anticipation and suspense.  The entire movie you feel anxious for things to happen, which was great..it added to the excitement of the movie.   It did have a little bit of a slow start..but really was fun to watch ..with just enough laughs too.

I love things based on true stories..i dont know enough about the real situation..but its funny and sad that stuff like this did actually happen thanks to stupid human errors etc.

Definitely recommend this, check it out




Skyline- so much lost potential!!!! One scene and the ending ruined it!

Skyline disappointed me big time! Not because it was a horrible movie..but because it could have been SOO good! The concept was great..the effects…all very good.  I thought the acting was ok too.. The problem was the pay off.  The ending was when things really got good action wise..and began to tell a resolution or something new to the story..but it just ended without finishing!

Also there is 1 major scene that needed to be cut or re-done..where the main character beats up an alien with his bare hands..it was RIDICULOUS! the played some awful cheesy music and played the scene in slow motion as he did it!  People started laughing in the theater! and that was after i was hearing gasps etc the rest of the time ..people were really into the movie.  After that scene the movie lost most of us to feel the movie was just cheese.

Its so sad and yet so obvious that one scene did this movie in..once you lose the audience there..the issues with the ending become so evident..and i walked away unhappy.

This would be a good rental/netflix for people