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Tron Legacy- awesome movie with a Soundtrack that almost steals the show!



Before i get into talking about how much i liked Tron Legacy–i have to talk about its soundtrack.  Ive always been a HUGE believer that the music and soundtrack in a movie and even in trailers- is one of the most important elements.  Daft Punk did the entire Tron Legacy soundtrack and it was perfect! Just simply perfect…it fit the techno environment and the beats really kept you excited …The first thing i did when i got home was download it.

Ok now the movie itself..loved it.  The visual effects and CGI was amazing..the whole digital world was very cool…had enough homage to the original movie but totally modernized the designs.  The only drawback i saw was the CGI of Jeff Bridges as the younger version of Flynn..it just still looked obviously CGI and not well done when u look at how amazing the rest of the visuals in the movie were..they spent hundreds of milliions of dollars on this ..and ended up that once piece of CGI stuck out as looking cheaply done.  It looked exactly like the human CGI faces in Beowulf…opposite real life actors just was odd.

But the rest of the visuals and movie made up for this.  Tons of action..great fight and light cycle scenes! exactly what you’d want in the sequel to Tron.

You dont have to be a fan or even know much of the old movie to like this so i’d def recommend it…and def the soundtrack for it



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