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The Fighter- Christian Bale shockingly good- and good overall movie


I liked The Fighter…it was a little slow/long feeling as the story progressed but was really good.  I do wish there was some more focus and action in the actual fight scenes ..but the movie wasnt really about that.  It was about the relationship between Mark Wahlbergs character (micky) and his brother (Dicky) who Christian Bale does an AMAZING job portraying.

I was blown away by seeing his skill..he went from being  a big strong Batman character to playing a strung out junkie in this movie..and its seriously amazing to see him do his thing.  Im sure he will get an oscar nod for this!  He’s gonna have to gain tons of weight back to play batman again!

If you are a fan of true comeback stories, and a fan of christan bale and mark wahlberg go see this!  Amy Adams was great too.  If you are hoping for a boxing movie thats nothing but fights..this wont be your cup of tea.

See the small clip during the credits to see the real life Dicky and Micky and you’ll see how well Christian Bale played him




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