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True Grit- One of the best movies of the year!! a must see

Wow- True Grit blew me away! The acting, the dialogue, everything was just spot on.  Jeff Bridges is just getting better and better…i had just seen him in Tron Legacy and then here he is as an old marshall with a crazy drawl.  I can easily see both he and Hailee Stanfeild the little girl in the movie both getting oscar noms.  She was a wonder to watch…for a rookie actress to hold her own against Bridges and Matt Damon  is eye opening.  Damon was funny in his role as the Texas ranger too.  I know i’m saying the word funny a lot..but dont get me wrong it really is a good drama/action movie as well.

The movie itself had plenty of action..lots of funny dialogue (but you have to really listen close as its a language thats hard to follow a bit –any fans of the HBO series Deadwood wont have any trouble) ..and my favorite- a good ending to close it off!

Go see this now and im sure you’ll agree..the Cohen brothers did it again.

Ninis Samuel

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