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Green Hornet- not as cheesy as i thought! kinda fun

I seriously wanted to avoid seeing Seth Rogens Green Hornet..honestly it looked so bad, cheesy and campy with bad effects.  Thats what the trailer seemed like.

So maybe that helped…i went in with VERY low expectations, assuming it would be a super cheesy bad movie. and i have to admit..i was pleasantly surprised.

It was funny, with a decent amount of action.  As long as you go in assuming to see cheese..i think you’ll like it too!

Gotta say the actor that plays Kato really brought this movie home and outshine rogen.  I do think however it was very random that Cameron Diaz was in it..just seemed odd.




Black Swan- trippy good movie- Mila Kunis was great

Black Swan was trippy!   Dont get me wrong..it was a good movie and really keeps you watching because of how crazy natalie portmans character is…but wow just really odd..not sure how Darren Arnofsky came up wiht this but definitely a unique movie and story!

I really liked Mila Kunis in this..im a big fan of hers and glad she’s doing more movies now.  Plus im a fan of Vincent Cassell he’s great and under appreciated i think.

Definitely worth seeing asap



127 Hours- Good because its a true story but not Oscar worthy i think

OK First of all..i do think 127 hours was a good movie.  But really only because its shocking that its a completely true story.  I honestly think the movie was hyped up too much- its not really Oscar worthy in my eyes.  There were too many odd hallucination scenes- which maybe did happen to the real guy..but honestly felt like it took away from the film…also James Franco was really good..and im glad he’s making  a comeback..but still not award worthy.

I think its worth renting but not a run out and go see it film.