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Unknown- good movie- a lot like Bourne but with Liam Neeson

Unknown was a good action/thriller/memory loss assassin movie.  Haha yes..now i think i can safely describe something as a “memory loss assassin movie” and everyone knows what i mean.  Now even though i say it was a lot like Bourne Identity..you dont realize that until towards the end of the movie.  The rest of it is pretty good just based on the odd memory loss scenario..and the great Liam Neeson just being awesome.

January Jones was good in this too..i hope she does more films outside of just her role in Mad Men.

So if you dont mind the Bourne identity plotline go see this and you’ll enjoy it



I Am Number Four- not bad action, powers..and Timothy Olyphant was in it!

I am Number Four was actually pretty good.  I do love a good superpower movie, and the action was really good especially towards the end.  Plus..one of the best things was that Tim Olyphant was in it!  But i wish he had a bigger role vs just a supporting character.  Plus for all those dog lovers out there..the little beagle in the movie was awesome!

Im looking forward to sequels if they make them

The downfall of this movie at the box office was the bad trailer! Whatever agency Michael Bay used to make them had no clue—there was so much more that could have enticed movie goers to see this!

I recommend it for some good sci fi action




The Rite- good exorcism flick, some thrills, could have been scarier

Its hard to find a good truly scary movie these days..and i love scary movies.  Its even harder to find a good excorcism movie..given all the cheesy ones that have come out.  But i liked the Rite.  Almost anything with Anthony Hopkins is great…but this movie was good because it was based on true events..and was a slightly different look at possession.

I just wish it was scarier..maybe more supernatural power stuff..and some more really scary scenes..i admit im harder to scare then lots of people but still wanted more

I did like it and definitely recommend it for scary movie fans



The Mechanic- good action, but thin story and ending

Im a big Jason Statham fan and i think Ben Foster is one of the best actors of our time..(and he’s very under-appreciated).  So this movie had the makings of becoming one of my favorites.  Sadly even though the action was great…the story line and ending didnt live up to the rest of the movie.

The action was great..and really the acting too…but there wasnt enough of a true story or twist to the ending..just a bit random/odd .

Its a good rental but not one to rush out and see


No Strings Attached- funny, good- the type of Chick flick i like

No Strings Attached was a fun movie.  Yeah it was a chick flick, but it was the kind that really appealed to both guys and girls.  It was funny and there was a decent story line that even though a little predictable still kept you guessing a bit.  Great cast too.  Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis were great.

go check it out or make sure to rent it!