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Water For Elephants- good storyline and great movie!

I have to say.. for a movie that had huge potential to be a chick flick (at least given Robert Pattinson’s rep right now) i really liked Water for Elephants!  The cast was amazing, specifically Christoph Waltz was really great..portrayed a great semi evil semi good guy as the circus owner.

Past that the animals were great..frankly the Elephant that played Rosie was amazing..the sad parts were really hard to watch and made your heart wrench for her (and makes ya thinkg about circuses in general)..but the story had a great ending and some good closure

I actually dont call out the supporting cast lots..but in this movie there are some really great smaller roles and characters that really make the movie.
Definitely go see this movie, its good drama and touching



Source Code- Pretty good! and loved the ending

I really enjoyed Source Code!  Great unique action and plot..it was time travel with a twist which was really cool.  Besides the usual enjoyment of trying to figure out “who done it” they didnt keep you in suspense on that the whole movie, instead moved on to bigger issues/problems.

Also thought it was cool that Russell Peters had a role!

One of my big pet peeves on so many movies is when they dont have closure or good endings..and i gotta say Source Code had a really cool ending.

Definitely go check it out!


Hanna- bad because it tried to be more than an action movie- but good soundtrack!

Ugh Hanna has SO MUCH POTENTIAL.  I love Eric Bana..and the premise of a little girl hitman was awesome.  BUT wow..they totally tried too hard to make this movie not about action! Which is such a travesty!  It needed more fight scenes..more scenes of the girl and Eric Bana using skills. Plus they had some random odd german/psycho people in them for no reason.  The whole movie felt just off and incoherent at times.

The soundtrack was awesome by the Chemical Brothers..and one of the things that kept you interested


Your Highness- not funny even though the cast was top notch

Ugh..Your Highness looked bad to me when i saw the trailer…and i thought id give it a chance.  But wow it was bad.  Maybe only like a couple laughs, mostly the ones you saw in the trailer.  With such a great cast you would think this could have been hilarious!

Dont waste your time



Insidious- wow really scary and really good


It takes ALOT for a movie to be scary to me.  Its one of the reasons why i crave more scary movies because so many are just cheesy or bad.  But when some are genuinely scary..its really worth seeing. Insidious delivered!!  And its not just your typical haunted house movie, it takes a unique twist about 3/4 of the way through and really changes the plot and makes it even better!

If you love scary movies go see this! but i warn you it will freak out some of the fainter hearts out there..be ready to sleep with the light on!

I hope James Wan does move movies -he clearly knows how to scare people.

Only bad thing?–the horrible music in the opening and closing scenes..ouch..loud screechy and almost cheesy..a little more toned down would have been nice


Paul- decently funny oddball flick

Paul was not my first choice to watch..but i did enjoy watching it.  It was very oddball but a few decent laughs and fairly entertaining. Not a lot of times where you were waiting for more jokes..and gotta say Jason Bateman is in it..and frankly these days anything he is in is worth seeing.  There was a nice twist at the end…and its worth seeing if you’re up for a few laughs