I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

Water For Elephants- good storyline and great movie!

I have to say.. for a movie that had huge potential to be a chick flick (at least given Robert Pattinson’s rep right now) i really liked Water for Elephants!  The cast was amazing, specifically Christoph Waltz was really great..portrayed a great semi evil semi good guy as the circus owner.

Past that the animals were great..frankly the Elephant that played Rosie was amazing..the sad parts were really hard to watch and made your heart wrench for her (and makes ya thinkg about circuses in general)..but the story had a great ending and some good closure

I actually dont call out the supporting cast lots..but in this movie there are some really great smaller roles and characters that really make the movie.
Definitely go see this movie, its good drama and touching


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