I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

Thor- good for the most part but the Earth scenes were a let down!

I did like Thor it wasnt bad but it didnt blow me away like I was hoping…..it felt like the scenes when Thor was on earth were a complete let down! It made me feel like they didnt use his powers enough and there werent enough fight scenes!

But then when the movie went to Asgard the fight scenes were cool and the flying scenes were great.  My big issue there was that they didnt showcase his strength enough..he’s supposed to be super strong even without the hammer.  It also seemed like at some points when he threw the hammer it was too slow…but then sometimes the speed was right on.  I think there was a visual effects problem for lots of the fight scenes.

So good with a few hitches that to me keep it from being amazing…maybe Avengers will be better.

I will say the casting was good..Anthony Hopkins and Idris Elba specifically definitely stood out to me.  And i wish they would have used Ray Stevenson more and dressed him down a bit less to not be so hokey looking.


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