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Priest- lots of potential but too much lost to setting up a sequel

Priest could have been great…but it ended up just being so so.  There was definitely not enough action using the actual powers of the priests first off.  To set us up for them being such bad ass characters and weapons..you barely see any of their actual “powers” against the vampires. The characters came off almost “jedi” like in the movie in their reputation etc..but without any of the pay off any real unique strength/speed etc.  The movie itself wasnt bad overall with some ok action scenes.. but the last portion of the film just killed it.

Instead of truly giving us an epic fight scene at the end and some closure to the story elements, it gave us  one of the biggest things i hate about some movies/directors/hollywood now–the overt setup for a sequel.  How come people dont want to just finish movies anymore? You can set up a sequel just as well by closing the story you started better!  Especially given these days the odds of a sequel are always low.
Im a big fan of Karl Urban and Paul Bettany- just wish the movie fit the talent!

Wait for DVD or Netflix on this one


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