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Hangover 2- Meh- too much of the same and not as funny this time around


I hate to say it..given i really love the Hangover, but Hangover 2 was just not as good. It is almost literally the same storyline BUT with very few real laughs.  I think there were only 1 or 2 parts that i actually laughed out loud..unfortunately there seemed to be more focus on being shocking/gross vs funny.

If you are going to see it…go in with very low expectations and you may be ok with it…otherwise get ready for a repeat of the first movie.

One thing i think they really didnt do well were the cameos.  They were supposed to have a Mel Gibson or Robert Downey cameo..those all fell through and they ended up with one very awkward one at the end…and one with the tattoo artist that no one really knows! (i wont name him here to ruin it..but he’s a semi famous director few people other than movie buffs like me would even recognize)

I hear they are goin for a trilogy..but hope if they do they get some unique laughs in…they didnt use alan (Zack Galifankis’s character) enough this time.   Ed Helms was on..but again little to work with


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