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Bad Teacher- Bad Movie

Its just simple, this movie was NOT good.  First of all there were only a handful of funny moments.  The acting was horrible..especially the extremely odd looking red head teacher played by an actress named Lucy Puck  WOW she was dreadful.. Even though her role in the movie was supposed to be an odd quirky person..it was just painful to watch.  Maybe the problem was made worse by really bad story and writing.

Cameron Diaz was just mis-cast in this role.  I think she’s just not the right actress anymore for these types of roles..she’s gotten pretty up there in years for this type of audience they should have used someone else.

I will say Justin Timberlake was ok in the movie…but again everyone here suffered by just a really odd and bad story.

This could have been much funnier..there were some parts that i literally asked myself “why did they just do that?”

Skip it .you will be glad you did


Green Lantern- enjoyable, but the sequel will be better



I liked Green Lantern, it wasnt amazing..like Iron Man or X-Men First class..but it was good and fun to watch.  The one issue i had with it was that it could have used a lot more action and usage of super powers.  The last 20 mins of the movie were good for that..but really i wanted to see lots more usage of powers and fighting.    I will say i liked the graphics and effects..and Ryan Reynolds did a great job playing his usual half funny half serious role.

I gotta say im really looking forward to the sequel because of Mark Strong as Sinestro.  Even though his role in this was kind of small (which also was a bit of a draw back) its set up great for him in number 2.

So yah, i think the thing is to go in with low expectations and you should enjoy Green Lantern enough.



Super 8- just what you’d expect when Speilberg and JJ Abrams join forces! great movie!


Think E.T. meets Cloverfield meets Goonies.  That is the best way i can describe Super 8..and it was a great movie!

The kids in the movie were all really amazing actors..they definitely have big futures ahead, and it really made the movie.  Its not exactly all about the monster/alien, its more a movie about the kids which is great..even though i kinda wanted a bit more monster interaction

There are some great laughs..the writing is just amazing..its one of those movies where there are so many people talking at once..which honestly is a lot more like real life when a group of friends are together..it really helped it come across as real.

Definitely go see this everyone will enjoy it



X-Men First Class- WOW Matt Vaughn knows how to make comic book movies!

X-Men First class is awesome!  I knew Matthew Vaughn (who did Kick Ass) would make a bad ass action movie and knows what comic book fans like.  And he really delivered.

The movie itself had a great story line..even though it had a few inconsistencies with the rest of the movies and the comics..i love the route he took.  I also love that right off the bat he portrays Magneto as such a dangerous guy.  The soundtrack was just PERFECT…especially for magneto, his little theme music was so powerful and mean i loved it.

I also loved the cameo Hugh Jackman made ..it was hilarious!

Go see this right now! even if you werent a fan of the last X-men movie you will like this one..its a fresh new take with great action, great music, and hopefully the first of many more new X-Men films from Vaughn


Kung Fu Panda 2- Awesome and funny!

Kung Fu Panda 2 lived up to my expectations.  It was as good as the first one..but unlike the Hangover 2- didnt just repeat the exact same story line and same jokes.

It has a fresh new story and some backstory..with some good laughs..and really good fight and action scenes.

I love it when movies like this that cater to children can be funny for us adults…definitely go see this now!

Stay for the ending credits for a few minutes too..you’ll see the setup for hopefully number 3!