I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

X-Men First Class- WOW Matt Vaughn knows how to make comic book movies!

X-Men First class is awesome!  I knew Matthew Vaughn (who did Kick Ass) would make a bad ass action movie and knows what comic book fans like.  And he really delivered.

The movie itself had a great story line..even though it had a few inconsistencies with the rest of the movies and the comics..i love the route he took.  I also love that right off the bat he portrays Magneto as such a dangerous guy.  The soundtrack was just PERFECT…especially for magneto, his little theme music was so powerful and mean i loved it.

I also loved the cameo Hugh Jackman made ..it was hilarious!

Go see this right now! even if you werent a fan of the last X-men movie you will like this one..its a fresh new take with great action, great music, and hopefully the first of many more new X-Men films from Vaughn


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