I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

Bad Teacher- Bad Movie

Its just simple, this movie was NOT good.  First of all there were only a handful of funny moments.  The acting was horrible..especially the extremely odd looking red head teacher played by an actress named Lucy Puck  WOW she was dreadful.. Even though her role in the movie was supposed to be an odd quirky person..it was just painful to watch.  Maybe the problem was made worse by really bad story and writing.

Cameron Diaz was just mis-cast in this role.  I think she’s just not the right actress anymore for these types of roles..she’s gotten pretty up there in years for this type of audience they should have used someone else.

I will say Justin Timberlake was ok in the movie…but again everyone here suffered by just a really odd and bad story.

This could have been much funnier..there were some parts that i literally asked myself “why did they just do that?”

Skip it .you will be glad you did

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