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Captain America- Not bad! Tommy Lee Jones was key!


I have to say, i was pleasantly surprised that i enjoyed Captain America.  After the Wolfman i was not a fan of Joe Johnston as a filmmaker..and was worried after i saw the trailers for Captain America, it seemed like it could come off as hokey.  But it was actually pretty good.  Tommy Lee Jones was a big reason why i liked it.  Its not that he had a huge role in the film..but he was in it just enough, and his character provided some awesome comedic relief/lines at the right moments that made me and the audience laugh out loud!

I also loved the ending and the scene after the credits bring things back to the Avengers movie coming soon.

My one real complaint is that we didnt see enough of Captain America’s super strength, it was a bit muted and not really displayed enough in my eyes.   There is a really nice scene with him punching a bag after the credits..that shows the kind of strength display i wanted in the movie.

Anyway– the fan boys and anyone who loves the marvel movies or super hero movies will like this.  Decent acting and not cheesy.

Worth seeing ..especially if you go in with lower expectations that say Iron Man or X Men first class.




Harry Potter Deathly Hallows 2: Good but i wanted more “oomph”

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 ..was a good movie.  Anyone who has seen the HP films will of course need to see this to see the last movie in the franchise.  For what its worth i liked the overall movie and how it ties up some loose ends that those of us that havent read the books were hopin for.

BUT..i have to say i really liked part 1 better.. I left part 1 feeling like it had more hard hitting action.  Part 2 is mostly all battle scenes..which is great..but i wanted things to be turned up one more notch..this really came through when Harry and Lord Voldemort faced off…it felt a bit subdued..vs the crazy epic.. get-angry-and-get-powered-up type scene i wanted.

Its definitely worth seeing..and its the end of an era like when Lord of the Rings ended ..(hurry up Hobbit production!) but some of us that just love a good super powered standoff might have wanted a bigger badder ending fight.



Horrible Bosses- Awesome funny! Great cast!


Horrible Bosses was great! So funny! A must see right now.  Its in the vein of Hangover and Old School, def not for people that like PG comedies!  Jason Bateman is always great..but Charlie Day from its Always Sunny in Philadelphia made this movie awesome..he needs to be in more movies..  I have to say the 2 actors that stole the show are Jennifer Aniston (the world gets to see her be crazy dirty and not the girl next door she usually is in movies) and Colin Ferrell as a bald coke-head boss– and wow ive really not been a fan of his ever since Alexander..one of the worst movies i ever attempted to watch.  But he totally redeemed himself in my yes..he was funny..and totally into his role..didnt even recognize him.
Definitely go see this now if you’re up for a good laugh



Transformers 3: Too much unnecessary cheese ruined it for me

UGH i hate having to write this..and im angry.  We were promised a great Transformers 3, with less cheese.  And at first the opening of the movie and the plot seemed perfect..but then the cheesy parts hit.   There was no need to add the cheese..the parents characters didnt even need to be in this movie and werent as funny as last time.  There was no need to have the 2 little cheesy little robots.  And worst of all..there was ABSOLUTELY no point in having John Malkovich in the film!  i was shocked at what they did to him..and why he would ever agree to a random role that had no pont in the movie.

If all that was just cut out..the movie would have been awesome..the action and visuals and story line without that was good.