I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

Transformers 3: Too much unnecessary cheese ruined it for me

UGH i hate having to write this..and im angry.  We were promised a great Transformers 3, with less cheese.  And at first the opening of the movie and the plot seemed perfect..but then the cheesy parts hit.   There was no need to add the cheese..the parents characters didnt even need to be in this movie and werent as funny as last time.  There was no need to have the 2 little cheesy little robots.  And worst of all..there was ABSOLUTELY no point in having John Malkovich in the film!  i was shocked at what they did to him..and why he would ever agree to a random role that had no pont in the movie.

If all that was just cut out..the movie would have been awesome..the action and visuals and story line without that was good.

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