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Cowboys and Aliens- Good but still no IronMan

Cowboys and Aliens was a fun movie but felt like it could have gone farther…it won points for being from Jon Favreau, and Daniel Craig is good as always.  Plus i love that its such a unique premise and includes people like Harrison Ford, Clancy Brown (who’s been rockin it since Highlander!), and Keith Carradine (Wild Bill in Deadwood).

A few things threw me .  First, the casting of the kid, same actor who was horrible in Last Airbender- and he brought along his same odd expressions and voice.  I hate to sound so mean but wow he was mis-cast..he and his character stood out way too much in the movie in an odd way..they could have used any number of better young actors to play the kid instead of him (Noah Ringer).   The second thing that got to me was that somehow at the end fight scene the cowboys and indians were able to hold off the army of aliens with just their guns and arrows..when during the whole movie their guns were pretty much useless.  At the least they could have all started picking up some of the alien weapons but nope.   And i was hoping at the end maybe even some opening for a sequel with Daniel Craigs character and Olivia Wilde’s. Also, Olivia Wilde’s character as another type of alien- how come she didnt have any other cool powers or tech?  I think they could have given her a much meatier role in this and would have made it better.

I guess in all- if you’re up for some sci fi action with some of all our favorite actors..this will be something you enjoy.  But i doubt it will be something many of us end up wanting to see over and over or buy on DVD.




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