I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

The Change-Up: Better than i thought..just a few over the top parts

My friends and i went into the Change Up with low expectations..given it was killed by critics.  But yet again critics prove to be just plain wrong.  We all had a great time..it was a fun movie..with actually a good amount of laughs.  It wasnt like the story was unique or anything..its just a fun movie.

The issue i had with it was there were some odd cheesy moments thrown in that were totally unnecessary. Mostly around the babies in the movie..for example there was NO reason to throw in projectile poop, or to have CGI of one the babies playing with a knife.  It was just stupid that wasnt cut out!

Also there were just some weird story items..like one character in just a matter of weeks getting the hang of being a high end mergers attorney..and the other seemingly not bothering to improve his buddies’ life.  Would have been nice if both characters tried to help their friend’s life while in their body..it was a bit one sided.

But in the end..go in looking to laugh and enjoy a comedy that has a bit of grossness and some raunch…not a  high IQ movie..and you will enjoy it..dont believe the critics on this one!

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