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MoneyBall- Wow a must see even if you’re not into baseball!

MoneyBall was an amazing movie…and so well done.   Im not even a baseball fan whatsoever..didnt even know this was all a true story until the movie trailers said so.  BUT..this movie could almost turn you into a baseball fan!  It was funny..dramatic..gives you a crazy look into the real world of baseball management and things like roster/trade decisions.  Plus its a great underdog story with a unique ending .

Brad Pitt is great..but Jonah Hill is hilarious without even trying to be.  Their dynamic on screen is great.

I now see why there is already Oscar buzz for this movie..go see it now!


Ninis Samuel


Contagion: Wow awesome movie- and unique way to present familiar story

Go See Contagion Now!  Wow..what a great movie.  Some of you may think that you’ve seen dozens of virus movies like this over the year..and sure maybe the topic isnt new..but wow Soderbergh really has a unique version here.  I loved it..the movie kicks right off from the beginning..and it really takes you through a very realistic scenario..that these days everyone can relate to.

It also isnt forgiving, people you assume wont die or catch it ..do.

It really keeps you interested the entire movie.  I only wish a few more of the separate story lines were more developed..and that maybe the ending had a unique twist…but i still loved it



Warrior: Pretty good! Tom Hardy shows us why he’ll be great for Dark Knight Rises

Warrior is a great movie!  Its so much more than just a random action movie.  If you are a fan of The Fighter type movies, then you will love it.  Pretty good story and great acting by Nick Nolte.  But really im a huge fan of Tom Hardy..he was great in Rock n Rolla, and Bronson..and he’s an animal in this movie!  he got in crazy shape for this..and its actually a bit of a preview i bet of what we can expect of him as Bain in Dark Knight Rises

I do wish there was a small addition at the end that closes out the story of the winner, and wish we got to know how each brother got so good at fighting in the past (only tidbits of a wrestling history was shown)… but overall great movie..and worth seeing right now




Fright Night: Pretty darn good!

Fright Night was very good! It was a kind of fun action, not a scary movie.  But i really liked it.  Anton Yelchin and Colin Ferrell’s performances were great!  I like to see Colin Ferrell back on his game again after a greatr performance in Horrible Bosses..he’s great here too.

There was just enough special effect work that really made this great.  There is very little boring slow parts..and the movie really jumps right into it.

I suggest you go see it now..for a fun flick



Conan The Barbarian- better than you heard, good fighting and blood & guts

I laugh at regular critics sometimes. They just dont get normal people.  Sometimes we dont want a deep multi-level plot..we just want a good fun action movie with blood and gore.  Conan delivers on this.  If you just want to see some sword play and fighting without a lot of mental though or clear story- you will like this. I thought it was fun ..even though i still think the original with Arnold is still the best
Definitely worth a rental sometime ..go check it out..and dont expect an award winning movie..just enjoy the action and adventure