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Paranormal Activity 3: A few scary parts but mostly a let down


I love scary movies..mostly because its hard to find a good scary one.  And Paranormal Activity- the originaly one..is a fave of mine.  But the issue with it..that was worse in #2 and just as bad in #3..was that there are NO REALISTIC REACTIONS!  Its so frustrating..if your premise is “real footage” and a realistic movie..why are the people not reacting normally?  If they see stuff on videos or in real life..do u really think they will just act like normal the next day?

In PA3 u throw in kids..as if 2 little girls are going to just sleep in their beds when hours early they got attacked by a ghost? really?

My other issue with PA3 was that the trailer was completely false advertising..they cut/changed all the scenes in the trailer.. which really annoyed me because they seemed awesome…and what we instead got were 2 “boo” scenes that are just dumb ..jump out and scare you scenes by the people on the film for no reason.

I will give it credit for a few cool/scary scenes- where the little girl gets attacked and runs into the invisible being, the kitchen levitation, and the ghost sheet scene were awesome

The ending sucked…yet again too much set up for number 4
So hey its Halloween and if you want to see a scary movie..yes see this and there are some freaky scenes…but ur not missing much by skipping it




Real Steel: Real good!


Hugh Jackman’s Real Steel was GREAT.  I have to say, for a movie i hear that was originally based off of things like Rock ’em Sock ’em robots…it came out great!

I really love the futuristic world they build where high end technology integrates with low tech life..like a rodeo etc.   And the robot scenes and fights were great…really kept you excited and into it the whole movie.  It really did feel like you were watching Rocky with Robots..but it kept you interested.

The music was great..really kept you pumped up throughout the movie.

Definitely go see it.you should enjoy it.   It was at least way better than the last Transformers movie! haha





Killer Elite- delivers on the promise- Action Statham style

Killer Elite delivers exactly what most of us expected from the combination of Jason Statham, Clive Owen, and DeNiro.  And I liked it.   It had a decent set of fight scenes mixed in with some ok CIA/Hitman/Spy stuff

But i have to say..the thing that really got me was Dominic Purcell’s  (from Prison Break) performance!  Wow..you could almost not recognize him with the accent and the thick mustache!  The whole movie i kept questioning my self and if it was really him.

For you Jason statham junkies out there..you’ve probably already seen this..but if not go for it..and you’ll likely enjoy it





Drive- Go for Ryan Gosling and Bryan Cranston, Stay for the unique use of music/Soundtrack!


I gotta say Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive with Ryan Gosling was a really unique and good movie!  It was very good action..but what really struck me was the use of songs..for the most part unique 80’s style music turned up really loud during parts with no dialogue.  I loved it.  I havent seen that type of use of music very often.  It makes me want to go see his Pusher movies that made him famous in Europe

Ryan Gosling was great in the movie.and of course the amazing Bryan Cranston is in it..albeit in a smaller role..he was great.  …and its definitely worth seeing.   I actually hope they do a sequel.  Because the only part i was disappointed about was that i wanted to know more background or history about Gosling’s character.


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