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Drive- Go for Ryan Gosling and Bryan Cranston, Stay for the unique use of music/Soundtrack!


I gotta say Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive with Ryan Gosling was a really unique and good movie!  It was very good action..but what really struck me was the use of songs..for the most part unique 80’s style music turned up really loud during parts with no dialogue.  I loved it.  I havent seen that type of use of music very often.  It makes me want to go see his Pusher movies that made him famous in Europe

Ryan Gosling was great in the movie.and of course the amazing Bryan Cranston is in it..albeit in a smaller role..he was great.  …and its definitely worth seeing.   I actually hope they do a sequel.  Because the only part i was disappointed about was that i wanted to know more background or history about Gosling’s character.


Ninis Samuel


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