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Immortals- pretty awesome action and visuals

Immortals was pretty awesome. The visuals are just plain stunning and reminiscent of 300 in a good way.  I think the director Tarsem Singh has some potential!

The one thing I was really happy about was that the action and fight scenes were great-the gods strength and speed were right on

Plus it was good to see our future superman Henry Cavil in action

Def go see this movie now!






In Time had me interested because it was such a unique concept for a movie! And I have to say I liked it-I didn’t love it but I liked it and it’s worth seeing. There are obvious connections to the whole rich vs poor occupy wall street and top 1% issue in the real world today which is kinda timely

And I have to say yet again justin timberlake has some acting chops! My only real issue with the movie is that  Amanda Seyfrieds character just decides way too quickly that she’s gonna start being a rebel outlaw with the main character. It’s such a random transition it annoyed me the entire last half of the movie.

For the most part it’s a fun and exciting movie and worth seeing at least once